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The Future Of Pet Services

The Future of Pet Service is Digital

Earlier this year, we saw the release of the 2018-2019 U.S. Pet Market Outlook. The report outlines major trends in the pet market industry and indicates which sectors are poised for growth.

It confirms what we have known intuitively for years – the future of the pet services industry is digital.

What does this mean for pet owners?

It means finding and utilizing services is going to get a whole lot easier.

Technology is reshaping the industry as innovative companies explore new ways to provide needed services for their clients. For everyday pet owners, technological advances will lead to greater ease of use in several areas:

  • Medical
  • Service Sectors
  • Pet Information and Documentation


One important development is access to medical services. Online pet service firms can create databases of reputable vet offices for owners to visit and review. Many offices have already begun this transition, allowing clients to book appointments, refill prescriptions, and even make payments through their smartphone.

Perhaps of greater use is messaging systems that allow direct contact between pet owner and doctor. Instead of finding time in your day to call the vet office, you can send a quick message through an online portal, directly to doctor. Communication is much more streamlined, consistent, and ongoing, allowing medical professionals and owners to discuss treatment plans safely and conveniently.


As an increasing number of service providers go digital, finding and accessing these services will be easier than ever. Pawzr and other companies have created iOS and Android apps for clients. You can use the app to search for groomers in your area, read reviews, and book appointments.

If you are traveling and need a place for your pet to stay, you can find a robust database of local boarding services. And if you want your pet to join you on your vacation, you will have instant access to pet-friendly hotels and restaurants.

Pet Information

As we described in our article on digital databases, pet owners can now store their pet’s information online in a single location. This allows you to maintain updated records, keep track of prescriptions and appointments, and share your pet’s profile with service providers.

The biggest winners in all this?

 Pet owners.

Digital innovation means pet service providers can now create fully customized experiences for the animals they serve. You can send your pet’s profile to a boarding service, indicate your preferences, and be assured that your pet’s needs will be met.

Imagine communicating with your vet through online chat features, receiving updates on a procedure that your pet is undergoing while you are at work. Imagine a pop that reminds you that it is time to refill that prescription – or provides dosage instructions.

Imagine arriving at a hotel and then being greeted by the front desk with a bag of your pet’s favorite treats. Or going to a restaurant that already has a patio table reserved for you and your dog.

Sound too good to be true?

It already exists.

And as the 2018-2019 U.S. Pet Market Outlook indicates, this is only the beginning of app-based, highly personalized pet services. 

Want to know more about the future of pet services? 

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